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About Us

Baking has always been my passion. I grew up in the kitchen, tasting and tweaking recipes from a very early age. Summers were spent in my Aunt's restaurants, learning the trade and discovering secrets. As a teenager, my love for baking only flourished. The holidays were filled with inventions that my family and friends were more than willing to sample. I began to see the simple joys in baking: the smell of caramelizing brown sugar, the comforting heat emanating from the oven, and the sticky sound of icing being whipped. However, it was seeing the happiness on people’s faces and the memories being immortalized that remained.

Food has the unique ability to not only transform the present, but to transport you into the past or future. This feeling of time travel is what I strive to spread, through the food I create. Rolls was born out of my dedication to this kind of perfection - to hone a skill and nourish a talent. I pride myself in the idea that I share happiness - even with just one person. I started my business on the foundation that I wanted to sell more than baked goods; I wanted to share a feeling - the feeling I got every summer with my Aunt, in my kitchen at Christmas, and hopefully the sensation that customers get when they take a bite into one of my rolls.
Love, Raffy